Darko Moraitov

Visual Artist


His career as a professional photographer started in 1997 when he began working in the weekly newspaper “Start”. Since his engagement in “Start”, Darko has cooperated with many daily and weekly newspapers in Macedonia. During the course of his career he has worked as a photo editor in the monthly newspaper “Forum” and the weekly newspapers “Zum” and “Forum Plus”. In 2008 he began working as a photographer and a photography editor for “Ubavina & Zdravje”(Beauty & Health) Magazine.

During the military conflict in Macedonia (2001) he photographed for the Reuters agency. Also, many of his professional photos were published in world influenced newspapers like a German Der Spiegel and Belgrade Politica. Some of his photographs have adorned the pages of the Serbian magazines “MEN’S HELTH”, “REPHOTO” and “LEPOTA I ZDRAVLJE” (Beauty and Health).


Many advertising agencies engaged Darko Moraitov for their advertising campaigns and published his work in big projects such as, calendars, billboards and posters. Within his career he continuously cooperates with people from the Macedonian Art and Music Scene. His major works include; portfolio photo-sessions, editorials, cover spreads and album covers for various music artists.


As especially valuable experience in his professional update he separates the workshop stands for photographers at the Columbia University in USA in 2000. During that period of his career, what was extremely important for him was the residence working in the editorial board of the daily Saint Louis Post Dispatch where he had a chance to learn and exchange experiences with some do the best photographers in the world.


Darko Moraitov has participated in many domestic and international exhibitions and has won many awards. In 1999, his photograph called “Influence”, won first prize for a single photography event “Days of Macedonian Photography”. One of the most valuable awards he has received is a victory in the competition for making a stamp with the image of the Macedonian mega star Tose Proeski (2007). His photograph has been printed in a circulation of million copies.


During the period of 2009 – 2011 he worked as a fashion photographer and photo editor for the Macedonian weekly magazine 1E. Today, Darko Moraitov works as a freelance photographer traveling all over the world where he continues to grow within his field and respectably gains appreciation from many different worldwide markets.





✦January 2001 ➮Certificate for collection of photos, “Forum” grand-prix award for photograph of the year 2000

✦November 2004 ➮3rd Balkan Modern Art Festival “Pro Arts”, Modern Art Museum of Skopje – concerts, expos, workrooms, theatre performances, film projections.

✦April 2006 ➮”Deconstruction” – First solo photography exhibition – Museum of Skopje.

✦September 2006 ➮”Photonic Moments” – Group Exhibition – Hribar Hall, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

✦December 2006 ➮Video Festival, Short and Experimental Film and Photography – Cultural center “Магаза”, Bitola.

✦February 2007 ➮23rd International Festival “Сараевска зима” (Saraevo winter) – “Novi Hram” (New Temple) Gallery, Saraevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

✦June 2007 ➮”Photonic moments II” – Group Exhibition – Fotogalerie der Rathaus, Gratz, Austia.

✦November, December 2007 ➮”super (h) EROS” – typological narrations of erotic discourse in Macedonian visual arts in 20th and 21st century – Multimedia center Mala Stanica, Skopje.

✦May 2008 ➮”Eyes Of Macedonia” – Photography Group Exhibition, 15 years from the establishment of news agency “Makfaks”.

✦March 2010 ➮ “Fashion Weekend” – Fashion Photography Group Exhibition – Multimedia center Mala Stanica, Skopje.

✦March 2010 ➮”Retrospective of Fashion Photography” – Second solo photography exhibition – Foyer of Macedonian Opera and Ballet.

✦September 2015 ➮“Paradox” – 3rd solo photography exhibition – MKC (Youth Cultural Center )

✦November 2015 – “Paradox” solo exhibition – Concept37.

✦October 2016 – “Paradox” solo exhibition – PCB, Berlin, Germany.